Neuropathy is a condition that is caused by damaged nerves that can lead to chronic pain in many areas of body. Some describe the pain from peripheral neuropathy as a burning or tingling sensation and even numbness. Many people suffering with neuropathy are extremely sensitive to the touch, which can be debilitating for everyday life and activities. In fact, approximately 20 million Americans deal with neuropathy –
particularly those with diabetes.

Suffering From These Symptoms? It’s Time to See a Doctor.

We can help you overcome a wide variety of neuropathy symptoms, including:

  • Tingling or numbness
  • Feels like something is in your shoe but there's not
  • Abnormal sensations
  • Feels like you have socks on, even though you are barefoot
  • It is becoming harder and harder to walk
  • Losing your balance more often
  • Stumble into things
  • Unbearable foot pain
  • Feels like pins and needles
  • Restless legs
  • No longer can feel hot or cold sensations
  • Spontaneous pinching, sharpness, or electric shocks

Our Unique Approach to Neuropathy

Each treatment program may combine one or all of the the below treatments depending upon the patient's needs and lifestyle. All testing and procedures are done in one location for convenience.

Laser Machine

  • Neurolumen
  • Neuro Cure
  • Cold Laser
  • Rebuilder
  • Nerve Stabilization Therapy
  • Bemer
  • Aspen Laser Therapy


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Neuropathy cases vary in sereneness and people cope with pain differently, which is why our Stuart, Florida staff specializes in creating unique treatment programs for each client. We’re dedicated to helping our patient restore and maintain good health. When you visit us for your FREE consultation, we'll give you a fair and honest assessment of your neuropathy pain and determine if you are a candidate for our treatment program. Give us a call for more information 772-781-1101.